Create a Silent Movie

In this task, you should select your soundtracks (examples will be offered during the workshop), use these as a stimulus for your drama, creating a story based on the different soundtracks. You should then act out your silent movie ensuring that the drama reflects the music selected.

In our music workshop, we were given the opportunity to create a silent movie and my group chose the genre of horror. We did this by creating our own soundtrack, keeping it fairly simple by just using tuned percussion and a wooden guiro. Initially, when we discussed how the silent movie would unveil, we wanted to use leitmotifs to distinguish between differing characters upon entry. However, upon reflection it was going to be too complex to portray well so we decided to keep the same tune and just play it over each time. As you will see in the video, I found the tune to go very well with what was happening in the movie as it gave an uneasy atmosphere and built up anticipation as the characters entered the lift. Although each character would enter the lift with the same music and then their disappearance would be discovered to the same tune, it provided a sense of rhythm alongside the mysterious tone of the unknown.

Upon reflection of this task, I believe it would be very beneficial to conduct a lesson similar to this in a classroom as it draws on children’s creativity and musical experience whilst allowing everyone to get involved. Additionally, children should feel a sense of pride after completing their very own masterpiece which they can share with family alongside having (hopefully) enjoyed the learning experience.

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