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Values:Self,society and the professions

Last week we took part in our first workshop for this elective. I went into the room with my friends and sat with them but we were soon split in to four groups.  The groups were quite large  so we all told each other our names and started to chat. It was daunting just being placed randomly into a group full of people I didn’t know and having to discuss and express our ideas and opinions.

Each group was given an envelope filled with items,for example:pens,pencils,paper,rubber bands and clips. We were told we had to explain to the class what we would do with the resources given that would help someone who had just started or was about to start at the university. Our group had loads of resources so there was plenty of things we could choose from. We decided we would make a starter pack that would be sent out just before the start of the semester. It would include a map of campus, some pens and paper, an emergency list including the nearest hospital,supermarkets and the fire department. It also included a list of teachers emails and the emails of the people who would be sharing your flat with you.

When it was time to present it became clear to us that we had the most resources out of any group. Group 2 had quite a lot of resources but not as many as us, Group 3 had less than them and Group 4 had practically nothing. When we were preparing for the second presentation Group 4 asked us if they could swap us something for a pen or a rubber. Our group didn’t really want to swap as we already had the resources so they moved to Group 2 to ask. While we were presenting our lecturer smiled and praised us and said we had done a good job. She was slightly less praising of Group 2 but still said they had done well. When it came to Group 3 she barely said anything and didn’t really praise them but when Group 4 presented she looked out the window and at her watch and didn’t engage at all with them. We found out after that the lesson was to do with inequality and that just because we had the most resources meant that we were treated the best and Group 4 had been treated badly due to their lack of resources. Its hard to believe that people who don’t have much are treated in the same way Group four was. No child should be treated differently from another just because they come from a different background or don’t have as much as others. When I have my own class I will strive to ensure every child is treated fairly and with respect no matter their background.