Why teaching?

Why teaching?

I have spent time in the last two days thinking about why I chose this career path and what it means to me.

Throughout primary and secondary school I have always looked up to my teachers and been amazed by the job they do. Not only do they grow and develop young minds but they also offer a support system in the pupil’s time of need. Being at school is a huge part of every child’s life and it is the teachers job to create an environment the child feels safe in and comfortable enough to voice their problems or issues.

I always remember primary school as a happy and fun time in my life. I would like every child’s memory of primary school to be the same as mine and for them to be excited to go to school every day instead of dreading it. All the teachers who taught me in primary school were brilliant, however there is one that stands out and are part of the reason I chose teaching. This particular teacher was very friendly and I felt no problem going to her with an issue or a problem. She always made lessons that could have been boring more exciting by introducing different activities in order to improve not only our learning but our team work. She really seemed to care about our learning and worked extremely hard in order to help us continue to improve. When I eventually become a teacher I hope to inspire others as my teacher inspired me. I want to plan activities and lessons that are exciting and worthwhile and I want to further develop minds.

It is not only the children learning new skills but also the teacher. Teachers learn a new set of skills whilst being in the working environment that they may not have learnt before. For example, collaborating with fellow teachers who may not have the same ideas or opinions as you, meaning you will need to compromise and work together in order to achieve the goals of the lesson.

Finally, I would like to be a role model to students just as my teachers were to me. Not only was I inspired by their work ethic and the amount of time and effort put into lesson plans,I was also inspired by their willingness to help us achieve and prepare us for the next chapter of our lives.

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