Reflection TDT

First semester of University gave me a lot to reflect on as it really opened my eyes to what University is like. Having two modules related to education and one elective gave me a broad range to study. I soon realised that a lot more work had to be put in to University than to what I had previously had to do at school. Throughout school I had always done relatively well when it came to exams therefore anticipated that I would continue to do well at University.

My main time for reflection was after my assignment results as I didn’t do as well as I would have wanted to. It made me think why and what I could have done better to have gotten the marks I would have liked to achieve. One thing which I feel I definitely need to improve on is the amount of reading which I undertake. I feel that this will make a huge improvement to the standard of my essay’s in the future and will help me to receive a grade which I will be happy with. Receiving a disappointing grade for my first module might have been the shock which I needed to make me work a lot harder as I want to do as well as I can and achieve my personal goals.

Engaging in as much extra reading as possible, completing TDT’s and asking for help when I need it will make sure I do much better this semester and feel much more confident with my work. I will make sure I have a full understanding of what we are learning and use this when I am out on practice. I am glad that I have started to reflect on my time at university as it will be extremely helpful out on practice to make sure I know the good things that I am doing, and also how to improve the things which might not be going as well.

Why teaching?

Today in our IT input we were making our Eportfolio’s. We were asked to write a post explaining why we had decided to chose this course and teaching as a career. These blogs will come in great for writing our experiences and strengths and weaknesses for the future.

My reasoning behind becoming a teacher was mainly down to my 3rd year work experience whilst at school. I attended a primary school for a one week course and loved the idea of doing this as a profession. I feel that it gives you a great opportunity to help young people and develop their understanding. I have also taught dance classes for many years now therefore have always enjoyed teaching children at a young age. It is something which I get a great sense of accomplishment from when I see  a child achieve something which they found it impossible to do.

Throughout my last year of high school I attended a primary school as work experience to really confirm if teaching was what I definitely wanted to do. This experience did that exactly and inspired me to apply for the course. Having grown up since my 3rd year work experience when I first decided I enjoyed the idea of teaching, I noticed within myself how rewarding I was finding working with the children and creating relationships where they knew they could come to me with any problems.

I am extremely excited to be at the start of this course and look forward to the further experiences and challenges which come my way. Having this blog will give me the opportunity to keep an online diary to look back on and remember my time at the University of Dundee completing this course, and possibly continue the blog on once I am a teacher.