Derek Robertson of Dundee University on Minecraft

Learning Spaces

Con Morris of Education Scotland talking about Learning Spaces.

Find out more in the Learning Spaces Sharepoint site (Glow log on required).

Contact Con:

On twitter @cpdscotsman

On in the O365 Newsfeed (Glow logon required)

The 1+2 Factor

Glow product owner Chrisse Lamont talking about the 1+2 Factor.

The   1 + 2 Factor, a nationwide event for Scottish education establishments to share and showcase their work with 1 + 2 using digital technology.

You can read more on the 1+2 Factor Glow Group in O365 (Glow log on needed). if you want to remember the link.

You can check out the 1+2 Factor blog.

And join in the Glow Meet to kick it all off. (Glow logon needed)

The Glow Meet takes place on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 4:00:00 PM BST – 4:45:00 PM BST You need to Register first.




An Introduction to Glow Cast

Download: An introduction to Glow Cast

This short podcast introduces this new podcast.
The podcast hopes to meet two needs:

  1. To explain some aspects of Glow.
  2. As an example podcast around which we can start building some support for podcasting with Glow Blogs.

The podcast, introduces podcast and podcasting, give some reasons why it is a good tool to use in learning and the classroom and explains that Glow Blogs are an excellent podcasting solution.

We are starting to build some resources to help you podcast with Glow Blogs on the Glow Cast blog:

If you would like to contribute to Glow Cast or want some support for podcasting, please get in touch.