Some thoughts about podcasting, its increasing popularity and use in the classroom. 3 minutes 42 seconds.


There has been a bit of a podcasting revival going on. Lots of sites across the web comment on the fact.
The Serial podcast in autumn 2014 broke through to main stream media, for a while you could hardy open a newspaper without reading something about it.

I read a piece in the New York Magazine that pointed to some reasons of the increased popularity.
The first is that today’s podcasts are simply better. Most podcasts used to be pretty amateurish — two people talking about sports for an hour, say, or a businessman ad libbing MBA lessons. And some still are. But today’s top podcasts are full-scale productions with real staff, budget, and industry expertise behind them.

Producing an average podcast costs far less than producing a TV show or a radio show (all you really need is a microphone or two, a copy of Audacity or some other editing software, and a cheap hosting service for the audio files themselves).

Advertising which this new bread of podcast is attracting and people being equipped to listen on the move are also factors that the New Your Magazine pointed to.

Personally I am still firmly in the amateur camp when podcasting, but I believe I am in good company, Dave Winer inventor the of the podcasting model who added enclosures to RSS, agrees here he is from a recent podcast, talking about podcasting.

10 years ago I started podcasting with my class I found it a wonderful experience. I still struggle to understand why it is not a more popular activity for learning.

Podcasting can fulfil many literacy experiences & outcomes while fitting in with any curriculum area. Podcasting provides opportunities for collaboration and creativity.

In the beginning there were quite a few technical barriers to podcasting but there are now largely overcome. There are even podcasting studios that run on a mobile phone. All you really need to create a podcast is a way of recording audio files and a blog. If you use Glow Glow Blogs are a great podcasting platform.

With the new Glow Blogs system we would be delighted to see a growth in podcasting and I’d be more than happy to provide any help and advice I could.


What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance? — NYMag

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