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Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus at the Commonwealth Games


The Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus is offering FREE practical cooking sessions throughout the Commonwealth
Games to community groups and organisations.

When are the sessions?
24 July – 3 August 2014.

Where are the sessions taking place?
The Healthier Scotland Cooking Bus will be located at Glasgow Green.

Access to the site will be free and non-ticketed, so in addition to your session on the Cooking Bus, you could access the other activities and events at Glasgow Green.
How many people can visit the Cooking Bus?
Each session accommodates up to 16 participants and will be tailored to your group or organisation’s needs.
How long do the sessions last?
Sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes and take place at 10.45am each day.
Who can take part?
Sessions can be for any type and age range of local community group or organisation e.g. a group for the disabled, senior citizens or family group. There is an opportunity to involve parents andcarers also.
Do we need to provide any food?
No. We provide all the food and the aprons needed for your session, all we ask is that you arrive  promptly and ready to cook with us.
How do I book a session?
Contact Joanne Johnstone by email joanne@focusonfood.org or telephone 01422 383191 to book your session.

For more information please download the flyer:  CWG 2014 – Free Community Sessions Flyer