Blackwood, Killermont, Mossvale & St James’s all awarded plaques

Mossvale Primary and St James's Primary pupils with ClydeKillermont Primary pupils with ClydeBlackwood Primary pupils with ClydeClyde was continuing his Game On Scotland tour today, his 7th day of this most recent tour visiting schools around Scotland. Once again he was recognising excellent Games-related learning by awarding Game On Scotland plaques to some of the schools on his travels. Today began with a plaque presentation to Blackwood Primary, South Lanarkshire then onto Killermont Primary in East Dunbartonshire and finishing at St James’s and Mossvale Primaries in Renfrewshire. All four schools were the first in their area to receive the Game On Scotland accolade for their use of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games as a context for learning. Congratulations!

If your school would like to receive a Game On Scotland plaque (as well as a range of other benefits, including mascot visits), then make sure you register a Game On Challenge, telling us about your plans.

3 thoughts on “Blackwood, Killermont, Mossvale & St James’s all awarded plaques”

  1. It was a wonderful day today meeting Clyde. All the pupils of Killermont Primary School and Nursery were thrilled to see him. We also received the Game On Plaque, presented by Clyde for all our Commonwealth Learning planned over the next few months. The excitement at Killermont for Team Scotland is now at fever pitch!
    Thanks again Clyde.

  2. Hi Folks, I wonder if you could help! We have not received our Plaque yet and we were one of the first to have Clyde visit and we have had our Challenge up and running for a while-Is there something we have not completed.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Not every school which receives a Clyde visit receives a plaque, in fact we had not yet begun awarding plaques at the time Clyde visited Hayshead. Ordinarily you’d receive an email a short time ahead of the completion date you’ve set for your challenge, but we’re offering schools the chance to apply earlier – you can find out more here.



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