Banchory and Broxburn latest schools to receive plaques

Banchory Primary pupils with ClydeInto the second week of his Game On Scotland tour and Clyde stopped at Banchory Primary in Clackmannanshire and Broxburn Primary in West Lothian, awarding both schools Game On Scotland plaques in recognition of their great Glasgow 2014 work. Congratulations to both schools, which are the first in their local authority areas to receive a plaque.

Banchory Primary has made excellent use of the materials and opportunities available on the Game On Scotland site, taking part in Glow Meets, using the learning journeys and joining in with projects and competitions. The school has also been getting active with cycling a big part – pupils have been undertaking training and are now part of bike clubs, with funds raised to take a trip to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome later in the session. Speaking of fundraising, pupils also raised £800 through enterprise activities to support community projects in Ghana. That’s just a flavour of a huge range of activity, but the story here is very much about seizing opportunities to enhance learning and working with partners in the community to realise ambitions!

Broxburn Primary pupils with ClydeMeanwhile, at Broxburn, there are more great examples. Using the obvious connection to physical education as a starting point, the school has then broadened out their learning across the curriculum. The school gratefully acknowledges the support they’ve received from a Big Lottery grant, which has allowed them to secure training for staff and recruit sport coaches for after-school clubs. Amongst other things, the school has also been involved in learning around the Queen’s Baton Relay, the Inspire-Aspire programme and Champions in Schools.

If your school would like to receive a Game On Scotland plaque (as well as a range of other benefits, including mascot visits), then make sure you register a Game On Challenge, telling us about your plans.

2 thoughts on “Banchory and Broxburn latest schools to receive plaques”

  1. Clyde came to visit us on Monday he was HUGE and very funny. Cerys Stoddart P7 Banchory PS

    I enjoyed when Clyde and Fraser came and did all the fun activities. Kayla L P7 Banchory P6

    It was Really funny when raced one of our teachers Rhiannon P6

  2. We had a great time having Clyde at our school. Fraser showed us a video about how he grew. Ellie P7 Banchory PS

    I enjoyed the visit it was interesting learning about the countries taking part and the events. Travis P7 Banchory

    It was good that we were the first school in Clackmannanshire to be awarded a plaque. Cameron C P7 Banchory

    I was delighted when we were awarded the plaque. Our P1’s loved Clyde. Rebekah P7 Banchory

    Miss Simpson raced Clyde and won ! Zaka P6 Banchory

    I wish that my teacher had raced Clyde LOL. Thomas P6 Banchory

    It was nice to have a whole school picture with Clyde. Kamilia P6 Banchory.

    I can remember Clyde’s shoe size easily because it’s the same as the number of events in the Commonwealth Games 17 !!Chelsea N P7 Banchory

    We are lucky to be the first school in Clackmannanshire to get the plaque. Brooklyn P7 Banchory

    It was exellent to have Clyde in the school. Josh P7 Banchory.

    Everyone from Banchory was in the local newspaper with Clyde Ben P6 Banchory.

    I thought that Fraser and Clyde did a great job. We all enjoyed their visit. Natalie P6 Banchory

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