Information on Leadership Programme

Leadership programmes are developed throughout primary and secondary school, engaging children and young people to influence and lead on school sport delivery.

There is a pathway of opportunity for pupils to gain new skills in the key areas of leadership:

Event Organisers    Technical Officials   Sports Leaders     Decision Makers    Young Ambassadors

Leadership opportunities create a legacy to support future participation and improve employability skills.

The target group of senior pupils engaged as young ambassadors/ sports leaders/ dance leaders within their schools, makes an outstanding contribution to the planning and delivery of many PEPASS projects and programmes.

Leadership programmes: Education

P6/7 Primary Leadership Buddies/ Activators
S1/2 Secondary Leadership Playmakers/ Young Leader Award
S3-6 Secondary Leadership Sport Level 1/2/3
S3-6 Secondary Leadership Dance Level 1/2/3
S3-6 Secondary Young Ambassadors sportscotland
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