Information on Dance

Glasgow is leading the way in terms of what we do in education to encourage children and young people to lead healthy lifestyles. Dance is a major element of the physical activity available to Glasgow schools and is delivered through a number of programmes including Determined to Dance and Active Schools.

Determined to Dance is delivered by a team of highly qualified dance coaches. Throughout the programme, the coaches and pupils work together to learn about dance techniques, music and coordination, motivation and self-esteem. The children and young people create their own routines which they then perform to a range of audiences.

Determined to Dance: (Target Group P1-3)
Dance allows children to showcase and perform. A real stepping stone that displays our pupils’ development, commitment and confidence to perform on the school, city and national stage.

We have used dance to transform girls’ participation in physical education/activity – with over 220 sessions of dance delivered each week and more than 10,000 boys and girls dancing throughout the year.

City of Dance showcase:
2017/2018, 18 local and city wide dance events were delivered with the finale held in the Royal Concert Hall. These opportunities allow parents and family to engage in celebrating their children’s achievements. The final performances have sell out shows with over 1600 parents and family members attending.

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