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PEPASS contributes to Strand 2 of Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge (GIC) 2015-2020: Improving children’s health and wellbeing through nurturing approaches and increased participation in physical activity and sport.

Three PE officers, are engaged in delivering the physical literacy programme to children and staff. The aim of the physical literacy programme is to develop children’s core skills (Attention, Balance, and Coordination) and support and build the confidence of staff in order to connect the children’s learning and develop skills for learning life and work.

  • The key outcomes from the programme are:
  • Children have increased levels of physical activity;
  • Children develop confidence and self-esteem;
  • Children develop physical literacy and improved fundamental movement skills; and
  • Awareness of play as a means to improved physical literacy is increased.­

Early data indicates that there has been an increase in distinct participants (Individual children) participating in out of school hours (OOSH) activity across the cohort schools.

Softer measures have indicated increase in pupil attendance, improved pupil behaviour, pupils more engaged during play/lunch times, increased pupil confidence to attend OOSH.

Glasgow figures have increased from 49% distinct participants to 53%

National figures have increased from 43% distinct participants to 45%

Active Play: Partnerships
Play for Attainment is being delivered through a partnership with Inspiring Scotland and local third sector groups (PEEK/Jeely Piece/FARE), along with the University of Strathclyde and Agile as part of the Glasgow Improvement Challenge.

Committed to deliver to all Glasgow primary schools over three years, the Active Play programme is a unique partnership model that has made an excellent start and has been very well received by teachers and pupils alike.

P3/4 Active Play participants:

100% improvement in fundamental movement skills

100% improved fitness/stamina levels

98% trying new skills

93% improving existing skills

90% more confident/motivated

90% improved relationships with other children/making new friends

P5/6 Play Champs:

98% improved confidence

98% understand what a good/bad PC is

90% are leading games solo

83% delivering play sessions in PE, playground, other AP times or outside school

78% motivated and keen to lead

Early evaluations also indicate increased parental/child involvement in physical activities.

Active Play for GCC Cohort 11Report

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