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Summer show!

We have been practicing our summer show in school. This is a picture of one of the dances we have been doing in the school gym hall for our show. Even though we are all so excited we all are very nervous!  We practise dancing, singing and even our own lines and characters for our show! 2 people are very brave and have taken a part to sing a SOLO!! Which is amazingly brave! We are so excited and hope you will come and see primary 6 and 7 in June for our summer show! 👏 

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Term 4 – Rainforests

 Primary 5 have been doing rainforest for their topic. We have been doing posters and drawings. If you look at the bottom of the picture you may see the food chain in the rainforest. 

We have been learning about deforestation and how it impacts our lovely Earth. We learned about products that contain palm oil such as Nutella and shampoo. We wrote a persuasive letter to different supermarkets.

Primary 5 have worked hard to create personal talks all about our topic. So far we have heard about the Amazon, toucans and lemurs!

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