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Global Learning Event – The Hour of Code

All of our S1 pupils and S2 pupils will be taking part in The Hour of Code during the week 7th-11th December 2015.

Pupils will get a chance to learn more about coding and its importance as essential skills development in the 21st century. We want to ensure the Bellahouston Academy’s young people are given the chance to develop computational thinking skills, that will help them in their future.

We are excited to announce that many of Bellahouston Academy’s teaching staff will also be take part in The Hour of Code and will be joining classroom as complete novices. We are hoping to get as many staff as possible involved to increase understanding of the valuable place Computing Science has within the school community.

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Technology Entrepreneur inspires our young people

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All of S5/S6 had a visit from Technology Entrepreneur Ian Ritchie, who explained to them the merits in getting involved in Engineering. This was arranged as part of the PSHE programme, and many of our Computing Science, Administration and IT, Business Management, Practical Metalworking, Practical Woodworking students were inspired by hearing the experiences of Ian Ritchie.

Our Computing Science Ambassador from Glasgow University was also in attendance and met up with Ian Ritchie for the first time.

To find out more about Ian Ritchie, click link below:

More about Ian Ritchie


Pupil Feedback:

I was impressed by today’s assembly and learnt a lot about the internet.

I found it really interesting on what he does and how he is successful in his life, it inspired me to be aware of my future and gave me a little bit of a wakeup call to keep me motivated this year and do well in my studies.

The Speech from Ian Ritchie was really good

The speech was very interesting today.

The talk was very inspiring. It made me think about my future.

It was very interesting and informative. I learned a lot.

It was interesting –  was interested in finding out more about how the Internet World started.

The speaker was well-spoken and the talk was well organised.

The talk was very informative.

Well informed, piece of paper had lots of information

It was a good assembly overall, and to improve it should be shorter.

Good communication

The leaflet had good information

The event could have been longer.

Well-spoken, something different as covered different jobs and aspects. May encourage people to choose that job.

It was a well put-together presentation and it was interesting to  learn about Ian Ritchie and what he has previously done in his career.

Very inspirational and Motivational. Helped me with future plans.

Very interesting and I learned new things.

It was a good presentation, he was confident in what he was saying.

It was very interesting. It can help me with what I do in the future. Well presented.

Enjoyed it, got some good information and motivation.

It was good. I enjoyed the assembly. He explained in detail throughout the powerpoint. He answered the questions and explained even more after making it easier to understand.




Glasgow University Ambassador Visits

Bellahouston Academy is a Lead School of Computing Science.

Over the coming months some our our Computing Science classes are lucky enough to be able to work with a final year student from Glasgow University, as he comes to work with us and our pupils.

We will post more information on this when this becomes available, but are looking forward to how this will enrich the pupil experience.

The Hour of Code is coming…

The Hour of Code is back in Bellahouston Academy …

We recognise the importance to all young people of being able to code a computer to improve their life chances. All S1 pupils will be completing The Hour of Code in early December and S2 pupils will be challenging staff to undertake The Hour of Code.

To find out more, please see the videos below, and there will be more news on this early December. The Hour of Code – computational thinking in action.

Into Film

All S3 Computing Science and Computer Games Development pupils attended a talk from Yen Yau at Into Film.

It was an inspirational talk and gave the pupils some idea of the many jobs that require skills in computing within the Film Industry.

Pupils learned about the computer graphics and special effects included in some of the latest movies, including the latest James Bond movie Spectre.

Lead School of Computing Science


We are delighted to share our recent news in the Technologies Faculty, beginning with a huge well done to the Computing Science teachers. Their hard work and dedication in completing the PLAN C course has led to the British Computing Society awarding Bellahouston Academy the Prestigious Title of Lead School of Computing Science in a nationwide initiative. Bellahouston Academy is one of only five schools in Glasgow which has achieved this status.

With the government placing increasing emphasis on Scotland’s Digital Future, Plan C has been put in place to encourage our young people to become Digital Creators.

Please look out for the certificate awarded to the school to mark this achievement, on display at Bellahouston Academy’s Reception area.

The impact of this will benefit all young people who follow a course in Computing Science or Computer Games Development at Bellahouston Academy.