Expectations in all Technologies classes

We set high expectations for all in Technologies classes. All participants should come to classes with a positive attitude and willing to co-operate with others. This will ensure you achieve your best.

Please arrive at classes ready to follow this through.

Working towards your future, your communication skills will be developed in all classes to prepare you for the world of work.


This relates to:

Verbal/Non-Verbal Communications

Written Skills

ICT Skills

Team Working skills

Leadership skills

Other skills which will be developed in Technologies are Numeracy skills, and dexterity in using tools and equipment.


Be ready to:

Arrive at class in a positive manner, ready to learn

Behave positively

Do your best at all times and put in best effort

Progress well towards your goals

Complete Homework on time and to the best of your ability

Achieve your target grades for Technologies subjects

Get grades/qualifications that will help you get to your dream course/job