Primary 7 Outings!

In place of the usual 5-day residential trip this term, Primary 7 have been enjoying lots of great day excursions!

They have tried lots of new and challenging activities.

Roller skating knocked a few people off their feet, but everyone gave it a good go!

Next came skiing, tubing and a pizza party in East Pollockshields Quad…

Lots of fun was had a Pinkston Watersport Centre…












We all had a lot of fun at Blair Drummond Safari Park…

It’s been a good year P7 and an especially fun Term 4 with all of the outings!

Fundraising Fun!

This term, Class 2 have been working hard to raise money for our new school library project. Here is the list of fabulous fundraising ideas we came up with.

We have provided a range of goods and services to staff for small fee. Here we are learning about this difference between goods and services.

So far, we have raised almost £100!! This has helped us to learn a lot about money…





We have been making hot drinks for staff at breaktime.

We have baked and sold yummy cakes..

Miss McCue said our Victoria Sponge was the best she’d ever tasted!

We even catered a lunch for Mrs Harker, Mr Stewart and Mrs Rodger!

But our biggest fundraiser has been our car washing service…

We’ve had lots of satisfied customers!!

Last school day of 2020!

The last day in Class 2…

We made some Christmas biscuits (everyone took home a wee bag of them), decorated a bush outside and had some fun playing.

Most children came home with iPads. Any child who did not bring home their iPad will have it delivered ready for home/remote learning starting on January 11th. Let me know if you need a charger and that can also be delivered.

Until then, happy holidays and stay safe!

I look forward to seeing everyone in 2021.

Mrs Chapman



Lighting up for Hanukkah and Christmas!

Class 2 have continued to work hard this week whilst having some Christmas and Hanukkah fun!

We made some Jewish biscuits (kakas and babas) that (most of us!) enjoyed eating at snack time.


Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights. In keeping with this theme, we finished our menorahs this week and decorated glass jars to turn them into lanterns.

Some of us made Christmas cards for the residents of a local care home.

In literacy, we wrote a character description of Santa Claus.

Kayden and Kit created a digital description of Santa…

A new book 2

Santa Claus

Khadija and Kareem have been doing some independent literacy tasks this week.

In digital literacy, we designed our own Christmas jumpers and created short animations.

Christmas Jumper – Hector







IMG_0492 – Khadija and Kareem

This one was made with the help of some children from P6/7.

In Maths this week, we did some assessments to help with planning for Term 3.

Some other activities from across the week…

That’s all for now! Have a wonderful holiday and see you in the new year!

Mrs Chapman



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Happy Hanukkah!

With Hanukkah starting on 10th December, we have been learning about some of the traditions associated with this Jewish celebration in IDL lessons.

We made our own dreidels and played the dreidel game using ‘gelt’. Bilal won!

We also made menorahs. A menorah is a special candlestick with 9 candles. Jewish people light a candle on each day of Hanukkah.

In Phonics this week, we have been learning about spelling patterns linked to ‘ck’. We noticed that ‘ck’ is usually at the end of words and sometimes in the middle, but never at the start. We also worked out that ‘ck’ only comes after a short vowel.

Khadija and Kareem are getting good with their letter and picture matching!

In Maths, we have continued learning about division…


In our Health and Well-being lessons, we are still exploring the concept of trust and what it means to be trustworthy. We thought of ways that we can build up trust in relationships while building a tower of trust.


We enjoyed watching the Barrowlands Ballet performance and our Christmas Movie yesterday.

Hector had a busy day yesterday being co-director in our nativity recording and helping out with tidying up after the ballet performance…and even had time to be a friend to some of the younger kids! 😊

Today we danced our socks off outside on the MUGA with Kate the dancing Christmas tree!


The grande finale to our busy week was our Christmas party! We enjoyed some games and treats…and even had a surprise visit from Santa!

Have a lovely weekend Class 2 and see you next week!

Mrs Chapman




First week of Advent

In this first week of Advent, Class 2 have enjoyed getting a sweet from our Advent calendar each day and decorating our class Christmas tree today.

Well done to Subhan, Kayden and Mrs Bennett for wrestling with the fairy lights!

With St Andrew’s Day on Monday, we continued are Scottish theme as our focus for IDL.

In Literacy, we wrote an imaginative recount of what it might have been like as a soldier at the Battle of Bannockburn. We used our senses to help us to describe the experience.

We also did a bit of our own re-enactment of the battle…

Khadija and Kareem have been busy hunting for letters and making and sounding out words this week.

Also as part of our IDL unit, we made and drew our own Loch Ness monsters and sang some Scottish songs. We also started learning to play the Skye Boat song on the glockenspiels.

In Mathematics this week we made the link between finding a fraction of a group and division. We have started looking at arrays as a way of showing division.

Our PATHS/Health and Well-being focus for the week was ‘trust’ and the importance of building trust when developing relationships. 

We thought of five people we trust in our lives…

Today we baked some oaty biscuits, two of which should have found their way home in a school bag…unless they were gobbled up on the way home!

Kareem made a fabulous creation in choosing time today!

In addition to biscuits, Nativity scripts went home in everyone’s school bags today. If there is time on the weekend to practise lines, that would be wonderful. We are recording our performance on Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman





Scotland the Brave!


Another busy week in Class 2 with lots of fun activities!

In Maths this week, we have continued learning about fractions, consolidating our understanding of halves and quarters. We are getting quite confident at finding one half and one quarter of a shape or a number and are now developing confidence in writing and understanding fraction notation for a half (1/2) and a quarter (1/4). We designed our own pizzas with different fractions of toppings.

Subhan – It was fun making the pizza fraction toppings

Bilal – I am feeling good about fractions

In Literacy this week, we have continued to work on using interesting adjectives to create character descriptions. We wrote or recorded a description of our Highland cow characters.

Kareem – the cow had lots of hair!

Ivo – the cow goes moo!

In Phonics we have been learning spelling patterns for words that end in a -y making an /ee/ sound. We noticed that all the words in our list had two syllables and the words with a short vowel sound had a double consonant in the middle.

IDL – Scotland and its Heritage

On Monday, we learned about the Scottish artist Steven Brown ( and used his rainbow Highland cow paintings to inspire our own artwork.

Ally McCoo - Framed Limited Edition Aluminium Wall Art

Kit – I like his art

Hector – it is colourful!

We created our  McCoo pictures  using oil pastels and gave our Highland cows a name.

Bilal – that’s me with a McCoo face

We also learned a socially-distanced version of the famous Scottish country dance, the Gay Gordons.  Sadly, the video was too big to upload.

On Wednesday, we listened and sang along to some traditional Scottish children’s songs in Music and had lots of fun in our Outdoor Learning session with Miss Cohen. We learned  about Scotland’s history, flora and cuisine. We especially liked making and eating Cranachan – yum!

Subhan – we are looking for clues. The clues took us to  the sensory garden and the eco garden  – all over the playground!


Kit – Miss Cohen told us about animals that live in Scotland

Khadija – we ate raspberries

Today we made and decorated shortbread biscuits…

…and we had two very special visitors to say farewell to Ross, who will sadly be leaving us next week. 😢

Digital Literacy – we have been learning how to use the app Book Creator and have started work on an eBook all about ourselves. Hector made a fabulous example which he agreed to share with everyone…

A new book

His creation also earned him our Gold Star of the week award. Here he is getting his award…

Have a lovely weekend!

Goodbye for now.

Mrs Chapman

PS Unfortunately, we will have a few less pictures from now on, as we are running out of storage space on the Blog!

Mrs Chapman’s first week with Class 2!

Hello !

It has been wonderful to finally meet all of the children in Class 2 this week. It has been a busy week with lots of exciting learning. Miss Cohen, Mrs Crosbie, Mrs Bennett  and the children have been very helpful in showing me routines in Class 2.

In Maths this week, we were beginning to learn about fractions, especially recognising one half and one quarter of a number and shapes.


Kit – it was an interesting game

Subhan – the pizza game was fun!

In Literacy this week, we have been looking at Character, and we made some Chatterpix videos about familiar characters from our reading books and class novel;



Ivo – they have hats on!

In Phonics this week, we were learning the ‘ar’ sound. We played snakes and ladders with ‘ar’ words, and some card Snap/pairing games.

Here’s Kit doing some Comprehension tasks on his Reading book – ‘It’s not fair’; a book all about how girls are fighting for their rights to dress up as knights!

IDL – Scotland and its heritage.

As we are looking at traditions around the world, we thought we would start exploring St Andrew’s Day and Scottish heritage before the end of November. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦄

We discussed tartans – and how certain tartans could be traced back to particular clans and surnames in Scotland. We made our own tartans, through weaving paper together to create a “sett”. We also went outside on Thursday to create our own tartans with oil pastels and watercolours. It was nice to finally enjoy some sunshine!☀️❄️

Here’s a link you could use to see how Scotland was divided into clans and their associated tartans;

Ross – I’m doing my kilt in this picture.

Khadija – we used paint to make the tartan   

Kit – I’m putting a tie on. 

Bilal – This is tartan!

Ivo – I am dressed like a man

Kit – It was freezing cold outside!  

When the rain stopped, some of us went outdoors and spent time on the trikes and scooters on the MUGA.🚴🏼‍♂️🛴



Kareem – I am riding a bike.

We also got a new resource delivered to the school…a slackline! Ross and Hector trialled it out this week, but we all can’t wait to have a turn ASAP!🤟🏽😍

Our School focus is Book Week Scotland. Here are some funny photos below which Kit and Hector entered into the ‘Reading in a unfamiliar/funny place’ competition! I think they must have been bats in a past life…🦇

We used our I-pads to read and listen to Ebooks using the suggested websites in the previous blog post. We then completed book reviews using the mark-up function on our photo editor, and air-dropped them to Miss Cohen. What a tech savvy class you are!📲💻

Subhan – I watched  my book on the couch

Rate your week;

Khadija: 11/10

Ross: 10/10

Kit: 8/10

Ivo: 4/10

Subhan: 10/12

Bilal: 11/11

More fun to follow next week – over and out!💜🤩

Mrs Chapman & Miss Cohen

Exploring e-books and re-discovering a love of Reading using modern tech!

Hi all,

Our focus this week in school is Book Week Scotland. 📚🤩

I have saved some age and stage appropriate Ebooks to your child’s Bug Club account. To login, please visit:

, and use your child’s name and surname – all lowercase – as the Username, along with the instructions below.

Here’s an example of Khadija’s account details and the correct format to use;

Username: khadijaishaque

Password: MissCohen123

School code: rcxw

The password and the school code are the same for all members of Class 2! 

On Tuesday afternoon – we enjoyed reading electronic books, and then giving them a star rating on an online book review (using the Mark-up feature on our Ipads).

I thought I’d share with you some online sites where you can access free Ebooks suited to your reading level;

Book Trust;

Story Nory;

Hope this helps, and that you enjoy the selection of books available. As you know, I recommend following ‘hereweeread’, ‘diverse_kids_books’, ‘tinkerteatro’ Instagram pages for some inspiration on Children’s books that cover diverse, multi-cultural themes and content.
Miss Cohen 🥰💜