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SQA Coursework Update – 24th March, 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Please see the latest very important update form the SQA re. AH/H coursework released just a few minutes ago.  No submissions of internal coursework are required for Higher and Advanced Higher courses.  Where young people have started coursework this will be factored into the teacher professional judgement of estimates.  Further information about estimates to follow from SQA.

We will update you as soon as we hear more.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Carol Ann Penrose

Corona Virus Update (Updated 24/3 @ 2.07pm)

Dear Bell Baxter High School Community

We understand that this is a really difficult and anxious time for you and your families.  There are lots of different demands on you all right now in terms of working from home, making sure the children are still learning and caring for others.

Please do not try to do everything at once – we are in this for the long haul.  Our teachers have posted lots of work on Teams, and I am sure our primary colleagues are doing the same.  This may seem overwhelming.  Please be reassured that teachers do not expect you, as parents, to be able to deliver all of this work, or that it will all be completed immediately.

In these early days in particular, there will be issues around technology, sharing laptops, not being able to access what we need to.  That’s all ok.  The most important thing right now is to maintain some sort of routine, look after each other, and pay attention to our mental health.  The pressure on us all is huge right now.  These are very strange times for everyone.  Please be kind to yourselves and give yourself time to adjust.

Keep in touch, stay indoors and be safe.

Carol Ann

Carol Ann Penrose


Corona Virus Update (Updated 23/3 @ 1.45pm)

Dear Parent/Carer

No meals will be prepared in schools this week (other than for those attending Children’s Activity Centres). For children registered for free school meals a payment will be received this week. Payment will be based on those currently registered for FME/school clothing grant.  You will be sent a letter confirming the bank details we hold for you, if these are incorrect you need to let us know. P1-3 payment will be made only to those receiving free school milk.  Any P1-3 who are eligible but not already registered should apply via You can find out if you are eligible here also.

Kindest Regards

Ms Sharon Orr

Business Manager

Corona Virus Update (Updated 22/3 @ 8.18pm)

Secondary only

Given the latest public health advice, the Scottish Government has now decided that, with immediate effect, no young person should attend school.  Schools will make direct contact with parents/carers and young people to advise if there are any outstanding requirements of courses that can be completed remotely, and safely, following public health advice.   The SQA will be developing an assessment process and more details will follow.  


All Parents

In response to a further update on the social distancing advice, a decision has been taken to cancel the provision of meals in school buildings next week.  We will provide direct payments to families with the first payment being made this week.  Further information on arrangements for keyworker’s children will continue to be communicated over the coming week.

Twitter Sign-Up

Dear Parents/Carers

We are trying to ensure that you are kept up to date as quickly as possible.  We will continue to communicate via Groupcall, our website, Facebook and Twitter.  We would like to encourage all parents to sign up to Twitter and follow us.  Please see the link below for further information on Twitter and how to set up an account if you would like to do so.


Once signed up, search for Bell Baxter High School and Follow us.

Please also see our Twitter – A Guide for Parents for further assistance.

Kindest Wishes


Ms Orr

Business Manager