On Wednesday 9th October at 8.00 pm on BBC Scotland there is a 4 part documentary starting called ‘Arctic Academy’. This documentary follows Bathgate Academy who went on the expedition to Greenland in April this year. You will get to see what our pupils will be up to next year.

The pupils are working really hard at the moment both on training and fundraising. Thanks so much to the staff who have been joining us on Thursdays for our Insanity training.

This is a super opportunity for those who are part of it and they really are representing BBHS amazingly well! Their determination and commitment is truly outstanding they really are stepping outside of their comfort zones and it’s amazing to watch them as they take on each challenge.

Our next adventure is a week away in October this is for the expedition team and part of this is two nights wild camping in the Cairngorms! I am sure the pupils will come back with lots of amazing stories to share!