Terrific Twos

With the government’s commitment to increase nursery places for two year olds, more two year olds than ever are being offered the opportunity to take up places in early childcare and education settings. Evidence suggests that that good quality childcare can reduce the poverty related attainment gap and have a significant benefit in terms of a child’s development. In order to ensure that our two year olds are receiving the best quality childcare, we need to think about what two year olds need and how they learn and develop.  The following guide has been developed by Aberdeen City Educational Psychology Service:

Aberdeen-City-Workforce-Delivery-Plan-App-3 2yo_toolkit community-slt-language-guide-2 My_Space_Creating_enabling_environments_for_young_children Ready-to-read-booklet-low-res

Harrow council have produced this booklet as part of their improving outcomes for two year olds agenda:



Enabling emotional, indoor and outdoor environment are considered here:



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