Support for Adults

The Educational Psychologists who work for Falkirk are employed to provide a service to children and young people up to  the age of 24. The support we may provide to adults includes

  • Advice to the parents and adults working with those children to whom we provide a service.
  • Advice to young adults resident in Falkirk, usually who have been known to our service but not exclusively so, up to the age of 24

While our training does cover a broad range of psychological issues that are relevant for supporting adults including concerns about mental health, there are other services that are better placed to provide a direct service to an adult.  You may find the advice and contacts on this page helpful.

It is advisable to check your local National Health Service Board’s website for information  about service supporting Mental Health.

There is a directory of Mental Health services in Falkirk and Forth Valley, which may be helpful for adults that are resident in Falkirk or Forth Valley.

Mental Health Services Directory in Falkirk and Forth Valley

Mental Wellbeing and Mental Health Services in Falkirk – Services Directory Covid Arrangements Advice for parents and patients –  March 2020

Access Arrangements for Wellbeing Services

Falkirk Directory  Access Arrangements for wellbeing services, advice for professionals March 2020

Still needing assistance?

If, as an adult, you remain concerned about your mental health and wellbeing and are not sure who to turn to, we would of course try to help. Please call the Falkirk Educational Psychology Service Number, who can put you in touch with an Educational Psychologist. It is likely we would recommend a particular local service to assist you.