The Educational Psychology Service is a specialist team working for Falkirk Council Children’s Services. Our aim is to provide a high quality psychology service through consultation for the children and families who require this most, using a knowledgeable and supportive, team approach.
We can be involved in supporting children and young people from birth to 25 years old. An Educational Psychologist will work with a child and family if there are concerns about the development, learning or behaviour of the child. The service is also focused on improving outcomes for children through training, development work and general advice.

We have published a privacy notice on the Falkirk Council website and there is some additional information about the Educational Psychology Service.

This blog provides an overview of the work of the educational psychology service and updates as we develop our innovative, responsive, ambitious and trusted service.

There is a linked blog with materials, and guidance aimed at Falkirk practitioners. Other people may find it useful too. In particular the Materials and Guidance section contains useful information for teachers.

Update – August 2020 & January 2021

In the context of school closures due to Coronavirus, and the process for returning to school, the Falkirk Educational Psychology Service, in keeping with government advice, will not be undertaking home visits. We are redesigning our service to ensure we minimise any risk of transmission of the virus. This means that in the main we will be meeting school and ELC staff, partners and parents through web-based platforms and phone calls. For information the main video-conference platforms will be Microsoft Teams and Citrix Webex.

We will publish information on an ongoing basis that describes how we will fulfill our role in relation to assessment and intervention of children, in ways that reduce likelihood of transmission of  the virus. If you have a query in relation  to this please contact the link Educational Psychologist for your child’s school (or the Principal Educational Psychologist, Nick Balchin) on 01324 506600.

Online Guidance

We have published guidance on the practitioners site to support wellbeing.

We have published advice on this Blog for parents and practitioners to encourage learning and wellbeing at home, which  may be helpful if there is blended learning.

If you have discovered great advice or materials you would like us to know about please send these to our email address in the contact details section.

Telephone Consultation and Advice

We can be contacted by phone by staff or parents who are keen to seek our advice. Please call 01324 506600. You will need to provide:

  • your name and contact details
  • a convenient time to call you back,
  • the name of the child, their school and date of birth
  • a brief indication of the concern or issue and the advice you have already received from the child’s school,
  • (and indicate if you have consent from the parent if you are not the parent).

We will contact you back, although it may not be the same day. In some circumstances we would participate through video conference.

Wellbeing advice

Understanding and responding to anxieties in children that may arise from covid-19 and returning to school.

Supporting Successful Transitions: Recovery & Equity (Supporting Wellbeing & Achievement)

Please also visit our materials and guidance section and our anxiety toolkit materials.

Protecting children and young people

It’s still everyone’s job poster Falkirk


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