Aniversary Family Pilgrimage To St Ninian’s Cave

In August 1984, St Ninian’s welcomed its first pupils into First, Second and Third Year. Since then the School has somewhat grown in size and has gone from strength to strength. To mark the completion of its 35th Session, we have organised as School Pilgrimage to St Ninian’s Cave in Whithorn. This will be Sunday 14 June 2020.

The highlight of the day will be the celebration of Sunday Mass at the very cave to which Ninian would often go to find some time for quiet prayer and reflection.

There will also be time to visit the area, now a Church of Scotland, where Ninian build his Candida Casa – his Church. As it can be a long day, we will stop on the way home in Girvan for supper. On a lovely day, there is nothing better than sitting at the harbour with your fish supper
Details of timings and costs are available on the School Website. We have a special rate for families. We extend this invitation to all pupils, staff, families, local parishioners and friends.

Details are available on the School Website and we have a special family rate.

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