Catholic Education Week

Many thanks to staff and pupils who represented our school in their local parishes as part of Catholic Education week. Pupils provided the music as well as being involved in celebrating the mass by reading,   Although this week was celebrated already in February, this second week signifies when Catholic Education week will now take place. Furthermore, it brings to an end the celebrations of the centenary of the 1918 Education Act.  This Act saw Catholic schools transfer from Diocesan control to State governance.

Attending Saint Cadoc’s  Church where John Crilley, Mhairi Zing, Annabelle Nordmann, Nicola Martin, Paul  Docherty, Stephen Gallagher,  Maria Gallagher, Sophia Laurie, Francesca Crilley, Patrick Mackie, Grace Mackie and Sinead O’Hara.

Attending Saint Joseph’s Church where Thomas Leahy-Kelly, John Lynch, Nicola Martin and Rhona Mowat.

Attending Holy Name where Arianna Fraioli and family as well as the Sutherland Family from Our Lady of the Missions.

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