March Events.

Catholic Leadership Meeting will take place at 3,40pm on Monday 12 March.

We encourage all pupils who are involved in the faith life of the school in any way eg SCIAF, Life, Helping Hands, Youth to Lourdes, Lasallian, Altar Servers, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers etc to come along to this meeting. Very importantly, we would ask them to bring a friend who could become involved but is not yet. The meeting will finish after 4.00pm with a snack.



Station Mass with Bishop Keenan : 7.00pm on Thursday 15 March 2018.

Bishop Keenan will celebrate Mass of the parishes served by Saint Ninian’s. This is to promote involvement in the work of the diocese and involvement in the parish. We hope to have a good representation from the school. If you would  to represent the school at this important Mass, give your name to Mr Bradshaw. The Mass will be held in St Cadoc’s Church.  Pupils can make their own way but transport will also leave from the school.



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