Westminister and Holyrood Motions Supporting Catholic Schools


Below is the text of an e-mail from Barbara Couper who is Director of the Scottish Catholic Education Service. The e-mail highlight motions being put forward in the Westminister Parliament and the Holyrood Parliament – both motions are in support of Catholic Schools. 



Dear Colleagues,

As we celebrate Catholic Education Week, I wanted to bring to your attention two Motions put to the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments in support of Catholic Education, and in particular the note that we are marking the Centenary of the 1918 Education (Scotland) Act.

 We would like to encourage every MP and MSP to sign the appropriate Motion as a sign of the continuing partnership between Church and Government. I would therefore ask your assistance in encouraging our parents, parishioners, staff and pupils to contact their local MP and MSP to ask if they will be publicly supporting Catholic Education by putting their name to this Motion.



 As you will see there are already 8 supporters (including the proposer Donald Cameron) in the Scottish Parliament and 19 in Westminster.  We would hope that with the help of our Catholic Education community we could contact all MPs and MSPs and encourage them to sign.

Kindest regards,



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