World Book Day in P5b

P5b had a great day on World Book Day, with activities such as designing the book jacket for your own sequel or prequel, as well as the children’s own Mega World Book Day Quiz. The quiz was very competitive and we needed a tie-breaker to decide the winner!

Here are our pictures of the fabulous costumes for the day. You might see some residents of Wonderland, a couple of Gangsta Grannies, Pippi Longstocking, a plethora of Potters, and more…


Animal Communication Research

Today Primary 5a have been using ICT to support our research about how animals communicate. We are finding out how different animals use sound and vibration waves in order to exchange important information or warnings to one another.

Over the next three weeks we will;

  • Take independent notes
  • Produce¬†labelled diagrams and illustrations
  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Present our findings

Science Presentations

Primary 5a have worked very hard to produce an information poster all about an animal of their choice. Today the boys and girls put their talking and listening skills to the test by presenting their work to the rest of the class. Everyone did a fantastic job and should be very proud of themselves. Well done p5a!

Take a look at some of our posters and¬†presentations in action…