P7b Class Assembly

On Friday 4th October, P7b presented their Class Assembly to Parents and extended families on the subject of Stewardship.

Through exploring the concept of what Stewardship actually means, P7b collected and presented evidence that Christians are called by God to protect the natural world.

We started with a prayer:

The Earth is the Lord’s

And everything in it,

The world and all who live in it.

Help us to live with respect for the Earth.

To care for it and each other.

To use only what we need,

not what we want.

To consider the needs of people

living nearby and far away.

Help us to remember that

the Earth is ours on loan.  Amen. 

P7b wore yellow ribbons. Yellow is commonly seen as a symbol of hope and optimism. So, through their studies of Stewardship, the pupils in Primary 7b have been filled with great hope and optimism for our community and for our world and decided it would be a good idea to reflect this by wearing a splash of yellow.

Eilidh said, “Many of us act like the disintegration of the natural world is going to resolve itself. Or rather, won’t somebody else take care of it for us? A Christian response to this would be ‘NO!’, this is our responsibility, and not just the responsibility of some. It is the responsibility of all of humankind. After all, God left us the Earth in good faith that we would take care of his creation for him.”

As passages from the Bible reflect a Christian understanding of God’s role as creator and our role as guardians or stewards of that creation P7b looked in the Bible for evidence and found examples in the book of Psalms and the book of Genesis.

We also presented our findings regarding Greta Thunberg. At the end of our Assembly Mrs O’Connor made reference to Greta’s words, “No one is too small to make a difference,” as being the main message of P7b’s Class Assembly.

Rose stated, “We discussed her famous words and decided that it was a PUN. A pun is a play on words and what Greta really means is that we are never too little, and nor should we feel that we are not important enough to make a difference in the world.”

P7b went on to give concrete examples of how we can all do our best to be good stewards at home, in school, in our parish and our wider community.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a most memorable Assembly.









P7b Lord Provost Debate

P7b spent a most memorable morning at East Renfrewshire Council Debating Chamber where they debated their chosen motion: 

“There should be a legal built in time limit on games consoles for all children under 16.”

In preparation for the debate, P7b explored the etiquette of debating as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this topic. They extended persuasive Writing techniques through writing speeches both for and against the motion. They also enhanced public speaking, open ended questioning and their keen listening skills.

The motion was very convincingly argued by both Proposing and Opposing teams who backed up their opinions with current research data collected during Computing Science. Critical questions from the audience prompted even deeper probing and the News Reporters summarised the main points from both perspectives. Our photographers captured all the action on camera. 

The final count of 20 votes against and 16 votes in favour of the motion resulted in a narrow win for the Opposing Team.

Thank you to Councillor Fletcher for officiating and guiding P7b through the debating process. 

Definitely some lawyers in the making! 

P7b – Possession Games

P7b have been taking part in possession game in PE.  So far they have been working on their skills in basketball and hockey.

They have been learning to

  • make decisions about the skills they are learning and use them in cooperative and competitive games​
  •  make changes to suit ability by changing; ​equipment / rules
  •  transfer skills into a number of team games

Safety in the Park

Primary 7a and 7b enjoyed their Safety in the Park trip which was held at Arthurlie Park on Thursday 29th August. This was a most enjoyable morning where we participated in real-life scenario workshops relating to personal health and safety. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who organised such fun and enjoyable activities which link to Health and Wellbeing learning in the classroom. Thank you also to parents who generously gave their time to join us.

Circle Time

As part of our Health and Wellbeing input, Primary 5a have been learning to recognise and express our emotions.

Today we shared some of the things which might make us feel worried. We are starting to understand that more is expected of us in school, in our friendship groups and at home.

We all demonstrated care,   trust and respect for one another during discussion time.

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