P4b’s Magnificent Marvellous Magic Maths Week

The Estimators group have been using Numicons for division. We used the Numicons to split them up into equal parts.

The Multipliers have been learning to multiply 2 digit numbers.  We have been counting on a number line partitioning the numbers into groups to show repeated addition.  We used the Numicons to multiply numbers by laying them out in groups. We also tried a different strategy which was like a chimney sum but with times tables by multiplying the units first and then the tens.

The Timers have been using Geoboards to make symmetrical patterns with elastic bands and checked them with a mirror.


Shoebox Diorama update: We have started to paint our climate zone dioromas and we started making the different objects and sticking them down like cotton wool for the snow and broken plastic for ice. We have really enjoyed making them but still have a little more to do to finish them and there will be some pictures of our dioramas coming very soon…