P4a’s week

Even though it was only a four day week, it’s been a full one and we’ve managed to keep ourselves busy!

We met our new PE specialist on Thursday, whose name is Mr Aubrey. This week he was teaching us about rugby and our passing skills. Dylan says “We have to pass the ball from your waist and you have to catch it by making a W shape with both of your hands.” We also really enjoyed our warm up game, which was called Infection.

In our other PE lessons, we started a new block of lessons; gymnastics. We were learning about different poses that we used in the games during the lesson, like the straight pose, bridge, straddle, pike, star and tuck.

In maths, the Rectangles have started a new topic on area. This week we have been estimating and counting the number of squares that different objects cover to work out their area.

The Circles have been working on fractions and have been working out how to find thirds, fifths and tenths of numbers and shapes.

The Triangles also started a new topic and have been using the balance scales to compare the weight of different things in the classroom.

Our dioramas are now almost finished. Look below for all the pictures of our work so far! I think they’re looking really great!

First, our two Arctic climate zones, with some great animals in both. Some fantastic whales and fish by Jessica, Eleanor, Bella and Cara and some penguins jumping from the cliff into the sea by Luca Fillipini, Harry, Nathan and Bruce.

Here are our two deserts. Heather, Molly and Lauren challenged themselves to find a way to show a sandstorm in their dioramas and I think the way that they have used the tissue paper is great!

Next, we have our two temperate zones. This was a tricky one because we had to try to show that temperate zones had lots of different weather and I think that both groups here have done a great job.

And finally, our tropical zones. I particularly like the idea that Hamiz, Euan and Ben had to use lollypop sticks to show just how many trees have been cut down in the rainforest!


Today we also had our first skills academy session, which you may remember from the end of last term. The class was split into four different groups to join with other classes across P4 and P5 to work on some really cool stuff!

The first group, Design and Manufacture, had a design challenge this week were they had to design and build a table out of cardboard that would be strong enough to hold a book.

The Life Skills group were using their reading and measuring skills to make some cereal balls using oats, honey, dried fruit and chocolate chips, which looked really tasty!

The group working on Digital Technologies were learning about coding and will be going on to code something called a Sphero, which is a ball that they can make move around in different directions using an app.

The last group, Learning for Sustainability, carried out a survey across the school to see what things we do in the school that are environmentally friendly, and if there is anything that we could possibly do better. Over the next few weeks, we will be reusing plastic bottles to make different things that can be used at home and in school!

Enjoy the weekend!

Have a Delightful Diwali!

On Thursday we were making decorations which were paper lanterns for Diwali.  Diwali is the festival of light and Sikhs, Hindus and Jains celebrate it.  There are lots of fireworks during Diwali.  It is mainly celebrated in India but can also be celebrated in other countries around the world.  During Diwali they eat yummy food and it’s on the 27th October this year.  It is normally celebrated around October/ November and the date depends on the position of the moon.  Pictures of flowers are also made out of sand.  People wear fancy clothing with patterns and colourful scarves.  We watched a story about Diwali in assembly and the main idea was that it is about good and evil and good always wins and light wins over dark.  We learned that lights are significant in order to guide people home.

In the pictures below you can some of P4b telling the school about Diwali and showing them the paper lanterns that we made.

P4b would like to wish you all a Happy Diwali!