We have all been busy in primary 3A since returning to school after our winter break.

In RME we have been learning about Buddhism. We watched a film clip about Aladdin. Jasmine wasn’t allowed to come out of the palace walls and when she came out she saw lots of people who didn’t have money to buy food. Jasmine was used to getting everything for free in the palace so she gave a little boy an apple thinking it was free. This was similar to the real story in Buddhism where the prince didn’t go out of the palace. He thought that people didn’t get ill or get old.  Heather and Bella


In PE we have had our first gymnastics lesson. We practised making shapes with our bodies. The shapes included; the bridge, the L, Y, T shapes, tuck and straight shape. We practised jumping from benches and landing in a controlled way using the body shapes. Cara and Jessica

In Science our new topic is Body Systems. We have been introduced to the skeleton. We know some interesting facts. Here are some of them:

When you are born you have 300 bones.

Molly: When you get older you have 206 bones.

We know that some of the baby bones fuse together

Lexi: The skull protects your brain

Eleanor: The femur is the longest and strongest bone in the body.

Ayyan: The ribs protect your heart and your lungs.

Bruce: The pelvis is the biggest bone in the body.

Sam : The stirrup is the smallest bone in the body. You find it in your ear.

We made and labelled our own skeletons. Luca FI


In ICT we have made pictures with different shapes.

We are learning how to make different colours for shapes and outlines. James

Me and Molly made a sunset. Leaah

I made a football match with Luca Fi. Warren

Heather and I made a house. Elle



Well done to Eleanor and Jessica who passed their jazz dancing exams. They both got excellent marks.

Lauren is delighted to have completed all her swimming lessons. She is now a very competent swimmer. Congratulations.

Sam and Luca are our martial Arts experts. They have just been graded. They both got certificates badges for excellent progress. They are now trying hard to get their third badge! Well done.