Eleanor has achieved something great this week as she passed her piano exam with high distinction. Eleanor says: “I felt quite nervous before my exam and was very happy when I got my high distinction.”

Also, Bruce and Jessica were delighted to receive their new Karate belt. Bruce achieved a red belt with yellow tag and Jessica achieved an orange belt.

James was invited along to primary 7 to hear about their WW2 topic as WW2 is his favourite topic: “they mostly showed me about the battle of Britain and showed me some posters like the God Save the King poster”. Primary 7 were surprised about how much information James knew about WW2.

Primary 3a were delighted that Sam returned to class after his little accident, we missed him.

Our piece of writing this week was called “A Thinking Christmas”. Bruce says: “We discussed the good side of Christmas and the bad things that may happen to other people around the world at this time of year.” Isla says: “We talked about different categories including presents, food, decorations and family.” Heather says: “Homeless people don’t have a chance to celebrate Christmas like us.” Evan says: “We thought about people that may not have food, money or that may be an orphan who do not have a family to spend Christmas time with.” Luca Fr says: “I felt very sad for these people”. He agreed with Elle that we are “so lucky.”

We have just returned from an exciting morning in the kitchen. Jessica says: “In the kitchen we were making pastises. We had a choice of cheese or onion, or both.” Cara says: “We had the choice to make our pastises into different shapes like triangular or squared.” We are all looking forward to tasting them later on today.