Mr Chambers (Sam’s dad) visited our classroom this week to tell us about our skeletons, his job and how to keep our bodies healthy.   Kyle

He told us to always sit down with a curve on the back of our spine and our tummy sticking out the front. Euan

Mr Chambers taught us some exercises to help us keep a good posture. This is very important because if we don’t have a good posture we will have sore necks, shoulders and backs when we are older. Lexi

Some people crouch down when they are playing on the computer or video games. This is really bad for your neck. My dad is always telling me to sit up properly!      Sam

We have been doing exercises for our postures. Mr Chambers also talked about our core muscles. We are learning about these during our gymnastics lessons.     Molly

Mr Chambers showed us different bones on Sid the skeleton. He also told us about our muscles. Leaah

Mrs Chambers said that to be healthy we should: do lots of exercises, have a good posture, eat healthy food and be kind and respectful. We all think this is great advice.     Tia, Beth and Dylan



Luca Filippini: I got a Karate trophy for being student of the year. I was told I had some good poses. I am pleased because I’m only on the second belt. Well done Luca!

Cara received a medal for doing really well at her swimming lessons. Congratulations!

Elle was pleased to get two badges for great improvement in her gymnastics. Well done!