P3A 16.11.18


We have enjoyed writing stories and acting out plays about the  Three Billy Goats Gruff.

I like when we worked with our partners to act out different parts of the story. We love to show our ideas to the rest of the class ( Lexi)

We also developed our Technology skills this week. I made a playground using a variety of folding and cutting techniques. I had a slide and a roundabout. (Cara)

Some of the ideas worked well but we need to work on some of our skills. ( Eleanor)


Some of the class made power point presentations to share their learning with others.

Bella made a power point about how to be healthy.

My dad helped me. He did the writing but I came up with all the ideas. I told the class about what to eat to keep healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I will now help my class to make their own power points during ICT time.

Ayyan also made a power point presentation:

To be healthy we all have to do sports such as basketball, football and badminton. We also have to eat lots vegetables, fruit, some dairy and only a tiny bit of candy. I really enjoyed this activity and hope that I taught everyone lots of things about good health.

Sam’s power point was also about our healthy lifestyle topic:

I told everyone about the health triangle. At the top of the health triangle there is food. Another side has exercise and the final side has attitude. We must have a healthy balanced diet, lots of exercise and a good attitude to be healthy.

Jessica made a power point about our recent topic on the Ancient Egyptians. My power point was about what the ancient Egyptians ate and wore. I also said that they were great mathematicians. I really enjoyed making this. My next presentation will be on Health