Primary 3A are enjoying their learning.

This week I have enjoyed using the Comprehension Box. I like to try to get the questions right and mark the answers myself. My favourite text so far is ‘Why does a Zebra have Stripes’   (Jessica)

I love the multiple choice questions. I enjoyed reading ‘How the Elephant got its Trunk’ (Cara)

The comprehension box is fun. I liked reading ‘Green Spit’ (Sam)

I like to be independent and mark my own work. We put the scores on a table at the back of our Literacy jotter. (Bruce)

I like using all the different cards and marking my answers. I enjoyed reading ‘Floating Egg Tricks’ (Leaah)

I really like doing comprehension activities. I really liked ‘Big Elephants and Small Mice’ (Bella)

I enjoyed hearing different versions of   Little Red Riding Hood and then   writing my own version. I like having a bad ending for the wolf! (Isla)

In my story the woodcutter bashed the wolf on the head! (Hollie)

I loved writing about Little Red Riding Hood. At the end the woodcutter chops down the wolf! (Harry)

In maths we were learning odd and even numbers and how to make patterns with them. It is good fun. (Luca Fi)

In PE, Mr Judge has been teaching us stamina skills. We played lots of different games including Octopus Tig (Eleanor) We were doing all sorts of games in the gym hall like tig and jumping (Evan) Outdoors I enjoyed Fortnight tig (Luca Fr)

I’m really enjoying the Ancient Egyptian topic. I like to work with my partner to answer questions. Yesterday I found lots of information about Egyptian gods. (Elle)

P3b – Maths blog

This week we have been trying out some new maths games and have been doing lots of number work in our groups. We have been improving our mental maths skills by playing around the world, catch the calculation and splat – we all enjoyed this a lot! We have also been working on our understanding of place value, which has helped a lot with chimney addition. After the October holidays, we are going to use this knowledge in our group work.

Lucy said, “I enjoyed doing place value.”

Daryn said, “I liked using the play-doh.”

Habiba said “I enjoyed making a magic triangle.”

Rosie said, “I liked playing around the world.”

Ross said, “I liked playing catch the calculation.”