P3 A

  • This week in Maths we have been learning about subtraction and how we can exchange tens into units to help us. We carried out lots of practical activities to help us with our learning. (Leaah)
  • We having been trying hard to improve the presentation of all our written work. We are now much better at laying out all our calculations neatly in our numeracy jotter.
  • In our Resilience lesson we heard a story about Beatrice who never made mistakes. However one day she did make a mistake when she was at a talent show. (Elle)

She picked up pepper instead of salt for her juggling act. (Emilia)

The hamster sneezed and the water balloon fell on top of her head! (Cara)

She looked up at the hamster on top of her head and started to laugh.

Everybody in the audience laughed with her. (Jessica)

She realised then that it was ok to make mistakes.

She went ice skating with her friends and wasn’t afraid to fall over. (Bella)

We talked about times we made mistakes and how often we learned from these mistakes.

  • We were very happy today when Mrs McGuigan gave us 10 minutes extra playtime for being one of the quietest classes in Assembly. (Warren) We have all been working hard on our good manners and have been remembering to show respect to everyone in the school community. (Evan)

Mrs Wilson is delighted with all our hard work and very good behaviour. ( Eleanor)


Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our assembly on Friday morning. We enjoyed sharing our learning with you all.

I have learned lots of facts about owls. E MacK

I liked preforming in front of the whole school. ES

We all worked really hard to learn our words. LM

I liked singing the Owl song. HM


We really enjoyed maths week. We now know so much about fractions.

I made a fraction wall. It shows halves, quarters and one whole.  LF

I made a pizza showing halves. I put peperoni on one half and cheese on the other half. WS

I divided my pizza into quarters. I put cheese on one quarter, mushrooms on one quarter and peperoni on one quarter. I’m going to put peppers on the last quarter. EC

Most of us thought that the Mysterious Maths Menace was Miss David!

We enjoyed the visit from our families on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Wilson is looking forward to seeing everyone again at Parents Night.

P3A 07.09.18


We have been busy practising our lines for our Class Assembly next Friday. We are going to learn an owl song to sing to everyone. We know lots of interesting facts about owls and some really funny owl jokes!

We all love maths in Primary 3A!

The Sphere Maths group have been learning to tell the time using quarter past and quarter to. The Prisms and Cylinders are getting faster at saying their number facts. They have also carried out lots of addition and subtraction calculations.

We are making posters to show how we help ourselves to feel better when we are scared or nervous about something.

I was nervous when I started my new drama class. I felt better when I made some new friends (LS)

I am scared to go to the Dentist. I think about my friends to make me feel better. (H McD)

I am scared of heights. I feel better if I don’t look down but once I’ve done it I feel great! (L MacK)

I was nervous of being in the Pupil Council. Once I knew there was another P2 there, it was fine. (HJ)

I am scared of ambulances. I stay still and this makes me feel better. (H S)

We are enjoying PE both indoors and out in the muga. We are learning lots of new skills e.g. throwing, catching, balancing, controlling our movements and working together.

P3b – The River Nile

This week we started our Ancient Egypt topic. The first thing that we have been learning about is The River Nile. We found out that the river would flood once a year which helps crops to grow. We also found out that bricks were made using mud from the Nile. The river was also useful for catching fish to eat.

Isla said, “I learnt that boats went down the Nile to trade pottery for food.”

Ryan said, “the pyramids were made out of limestone.”

Habiba said, “they grow crops near The River Nile.”

Harris said, “they used the river for transport.”

Next week we are looking forward to learning more about Ancient Egyptians.