Holy Week – Wednesday


Normally in a parish this is a useful day as we are about to celebrate the Sacred Triduum.  Busy days ahead.  People to see.  Arrangements to be made.  Plenty to do.  But now…nothing.  For priests, the days to come will be strange as they celebrate the three holy days in an empty church with no congregation, no servers and no readers or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.   Memories, perhaps, of hectic times that were so tiring and, at the same time, so rewarding. Did Mary feel empty and raw as it dawned on her that Jesus was about to fulfil His Task but only after torturous suffering?  Did she ponder what those final moments would be like and would hold in store for her?  What were her thoughts as she realised she would soon hold her dead son in her arms, picking the thorns from His head, cuddling the Body as if to warm it back into life?  Did the Apostles avoid looking at one another as they possibly considered their abandonment…their hiding away as their Master died without their loving company?  Did Longinus, the spear-bearer, imagine that his life was about to change and give him his place in history?  Did the soldiers realise that they would soon be shamed as they held the pieces of the Saviour’s clothes in their hands?  Would the people in the towns and villages, be astounded if they had known that soon they would shout, “Crucify Him?”  What would Barabas have thought as he was unexpectedly given his life and freedom?  Would Pilate and his wife know that they were about to say words that would be recorded in the history of the world?  Will Jesus shirk away or bear the signs of his Passion for all eternity?  The Master is about to die.  All I have are my thoughts.

Let us Pray:

Loving Father, in your great love answer us, and bring to every restless, fearful and anxious heart

a lasting and courageous peace.

Through Christ our Lord.


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