Barista Skills Training Programme

We are delighted that St Ninian’s High School has been successful in securing places on the highly regarded Barista Training Programme at Eastwood Park Café. The café and programme are run by the Greenhouse Community who serve to better the training opportunities for life and work.

At the heart of Greenhouse is an emphasis on robust and relevant training. The majority of staff members have a coaching or teaching background and are well equipped to tailor their approach according to each trainee and their requirements. The employability program seeks to give individuals with a broad range of skills that will eventually allow them to undertake permanent employment. Students will be regularly monitored and reports given on trainees’ progress, which further strengthens each individual’s confidence in their own abilities.  Furthermore, as Greenhouse is an approved SQA centre, they can deliver accredited courses and awards. This further enhances the training program and strengthens their ability to make a meaningful, positive impact on the local community.

The 38-week ‘Introduction to Barista Skills’ course is designed for delivery over a school term. As a precursor we have arranged a trial session for a number of pupils which will provide a taster of what to expect from the course.  Well done to Joy (S1), Louis (S3), Jamal (S4), Alistair (S4) and Antonio (S1) for their excellent participation in the trial course.


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