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A literacy and Visual Arts Adventure

This term ART-iculate 2016 has a photography twist. This is a fantastic opportunity for P6 and P7 children to immerse themselves in analysing some of the world’s most iconic photographs.

This year’s choice to analyse/ read photography ties in with the theme of St Mark’s Art Show, which is contemporary photography. This will be led and delivered by the pupils of photography club. A challenging project!

P7 and P6 will be given an opportunity this term to choose and research a photograph from a portfolio of images ranging from 1932 surrealists, graphic designers to photo journalists of 1980’s.

They will then take part in an upper school ART-iculate competition, to orally present their findings. The finalist will compete in St Mark’s Art Exhibition, 2016. There will be guests in attendance as well as invited judges from SCRAN and Education Scotland.