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The St. Mark’s Family Room!

Family Room letter

Family Room

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In listening to your views over this past year, this session we have started running informal family coffee sessions and so far these have been very successful.  It has been a great opportunity for parents/carers to hear about the priorities of the school but also get to know other parents with children of a similar age.  Already we have had lots of great suggestions about how to further develop genuine parental engagement in St Mark’s.

As you know last session we created and opened our ‘Family Room’ we would love this to be used as often as it could both informally and for more formal workshops.

The ‘Family Room’ will be opened Tuesday to Friday mornings from 8.45am until 9.45am if parents/carers would like to come in for a coffee with other parents/carers – it’s much warmer than the playground for a chat!

As a result of discussions at one of the coffee afternoons the Family Room is now opened from 3pm so that parents/carers and their children can use the room to complete homework in a relaxed environment without the distractions that can occur at home.

Many Thanks

Christine Healey

Depute Head Teacher

St Luke’s Science Visit

Pupils from St Luke’s visited this morning with some fluffy little chicks. After a brief presentation of their science project and how they hatched the eggs and cared for the chicks. Pupils were also given an opportunity to hold the fluffy little birds.

“They were really warm, fluffy and soft.”

“I learned how to properly care for chicks”

“I found out that fertilised eggs are softer than others.”

“I found out how to tell the difference between male and female”

“It’s really relaxing to hold them. They’re very, very cute”


Articulate and Art Show

The St Mark’s Art Show took place on Thursday the 21st May. This year the pupils had a slightly different agenda, the primary 6/7 pupils took part in Art-iculate, this was an opportunity for solo talks based on paintings by The Glasgow Boys and Girls. All four classes were immersed in the works of the Glasgow Boys and Girls, they began this Literacy and Art Adventure at the Kelvingrove Art Galleries where they attended workshops tailored to this topic. The finalists were judged by Ron Cowie Senior Education Officer at Education Scotland, Alan Horn Director of Development Glasgow School of Art and Muriel Gray Chair of the Glasgow School of Art Board of Governors. No pressured there! The pupils were outstanding and received a lot of acclaim from distinguished guests. Sophie and Emily  were the two overall champions. All the finalists have been invited to spend a morning at the Glasgow School of Art before the end of term. What an achievement.

Danish Vistors

A group of nine Danish educators visited St. Mark’s today as part of a visit to Scotland to learn more about the Scottish education system. They heard presentations from Mr McLaughlin, Miss Healey, Mrs Hallan, Mrs Rook and Mrs Law about teaching in learning in St. Mark’s and were very impressed with the variety of ways  learners are supported in our school.

When walking around the school and playground, they commented on the warmth, friendliness and good manners of our pupils. What particularly caught their attention was that all of our children were smartly dressed in full school uniform, as children in Denmark do not wear uniforms.

They are returning to Denmark with lasting memories of a school,  we can all be proud of.