Hello S3!

Thank you for your continued hard work. I know it must seem rather repetitive but believe it or not this is the exact work that we would be doing in class at the moment! The only difference is that there would be more teacher examples and some group work.

Almost there! 3 skills to go – SOUND, LIGHTING AND STAGE MANAGEMENT. Then the holidays!

This week we will be looking at the role of the sound designer and the format of the work will be the same as usual:

1. Read the chapter on the role of the sound designer than re-read the extract thinking about sound design.

2. Watch the following videos –

National theatre – Designing sound for the theatre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGtX9P8gDI8&feature=share

Playing sound effects LIVE!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szyht9jc8PE&feature=share (this one is really fun!)

3. Complete the attached pupil booklet and email to me on cairnsk@st-ninians.e-renfrew.sch.uk

Any issues or questions please let me know,


Ms.  C   : )


SHANGHAIED EXTRACT Shanghaied project pupil booklet – SOUND Sound design