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Primary 3 Class News

     Primary 3 made lentil soup in class. They really enjoyed learning how to chop vegetables and how to keep safe when using utensils.The soup tasted great and was well worth worth all the preparation!

We are learning about direction.We directed the Beebot to find the treasure on the map.

 We are reading about Howard Carter finding Tutankhamun’s tomb. We were using the ‘question cube’ to check we had understood what we read.  


Literacy and English

 The development of literacy skills plays an important role in all learning. 

Children develop and extend their literacy skills when they have opportunities to: 

  • communicate, collaborate and build relationships
  • reflect on and explain their literacy and thinking skills, using feedback to help them improve and sensitively provide useful feedback for others
  • engage with and create a wide range of texts in different media, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT
  • develop their understanding of what is special, vibrant and valuable about their own and other cultures and their languages
  • explore the richness and diversity of language, how it can affect them and the wide range of ways in which they and others can be creative
  • extend and enrich their vocabulary through listening, talking, reading and writing.

In developing English language skills: 

  • children engage with a wide range of texts and develop an appreciation of the richness and breadth of Scotland’s literacy and linguistic heritage
  • children enjoy exploring and discussing word patterns and text structures.

Early Literacy – An important emphasis is placed on strategies to improve literacy in the early years and subsequently throughout primary school. 

Each stage has a small fiction/non-fiction library. Every class has an Enterprise lending library where books are borrowed on a weekly basis.