Used blazer and uniform sale


19 June 2014 – 6pm – 7.30pm – in the Mensa

How does it work?

You donate, we sell! With blazers, you can keep the proceeds or donate them for school funds.  Proceeds from all other uniform items go to the school. A great bargain for buyers either way!  Larger blazers are particularly helpful.

How do I donate?

Blazers / uniform should be

  • handed into the school office by lunchtime on the 18th June
  • in good condition.


Blazers: please put a note with your donation to confirm approximate size (as this is difficult to tell from labelling). If you want to keep the sale proceeds, you must also fill in our form – the school office has copies  or you can print off the attachment to this email (it’s also on the school web site). IF YOU HAND IN A BLAZER WITHOUT A FORM WE WILL ASSUME IT HAS BEEN DONATED FOR SCHOOL FUNDS.

What will things cost?

Most blazers sold for £10-£20 last year depending on condition. Clothing depended on quality and condition but still a fraction of the usual cost. Items in less good condition may be given away on the night. Leftover items will be kept for the next sale (if in v good condition) or donated for charity recycling. Thanks for your support!

 Contact  or 07810 541250 with queries. Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council

Please follow link below to print off form only if you wish to keep the price of your blazer rather than donating to school funds

blazer form for sales 2014