Children experience many transition in their lives such as starting nursery, moving to a new room, a new key worker or moving on to a different nursery or school. While these are normal changes that occur, it is important for us as adults to realise these can be daunting experiences for young children. Think about how you felt when you started your first job, had a change of manager or a trusted advisor/friend moved away. Yes, these were events that we can expect in our lives, but they can still cause us anxiety. This is just the same for children when they make transitions and it is important that we help them to adjust and reduce the worry as much as possible by planning effective transition periods.

Internal Transitions

Internal transitions are simply moves and changes your child will experience within the Centre. If your child joins us when they are just a baby, you can expect them to change room, and possibly key worker, at least once if not more. We will work closely with you and your child to plan any changes and these will always be made gradually whenever possible.

Moving on

Children will leave Glen FC when they are around 3 years old to move onto their local nursery. When your child turns 2 years of age we will support you in completing a ‘First Steps’ application form. If you do not complete and return the form to the Pre 5 Admission Team at ERC, your child may not be allocated a place in your local nursery.

We work closely with all of our local nurseries to ensure continuity in children’s learning and development and aim to ensure the receiving nursery has a good picture of your child’s strengths and needs before they move. Some of the ways we do this include-

Introducing the idea of moving on through our everyday work in the Centre
Information regarding your child’s achievements and stage of development will be shared prior to transfer.  
Arranging visits to the new nursery with your child.
Informing you of induction events and visits at the new nursery.


Should your child experience any difficulties in settling into the new environment every effort will be made to arrange for his/her key worker to attend and support.

Our main catchment nurseries are:

  • Braidbar Nursery Class                                
  • Crookfur Nursery Class
  • Glenwood Family Centre
  • Giffnock Nursery Class
  • Isobel Mair Family Centre  
  • Thornliebank Nursery Class  
  • Hazeldean Family Centre

Here is a link to Scottish Early Childhood and Families Transitions Position Statement

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