Feb 102015

Parents Drop in every Thursday!

 Feel free to drop in for a coffee and a chat with staff and meet other parents!


AM – 9.30-10.30pm                            PM – 1.30-2.30pm

Jan 132015

The first meeting of the parent Equalites Forum will take place Thursday 15 January in Woodfarm High School at 7pm the main item on the agenda will be Education Departments Equlities delivery plan.

Dec 122014
  • Monday 22nd December 2014
  • 9.00am – 12.00pm
  • Parents are invited to come along at 10.45am for Carols round the Christmas tree.
  • Santa’s arrives at Glen FC will be 11.30am
  • Party finishes at 12.00pm.

All children are invited to attend the party in the morning.  There will be no afternoon session unless your child has a full time place. If you have another child you want Santa to see please bring a small gift with their name on for Santa to give them.

 Please speak to Claire or Margaret if you have any questions. 


Nov 282014

Within Glen Family Centre we realise how important it is to recognise our achievements and the important things we do every day.  We would like to celebrate all achievements with our children, parent/carers and staff.  We would like you to write or tell us about you and your child’s achievement, for example: using the potty, sleeping in their own bed, being a flower girl at a wedding, helping with the dishes, passing your driving test, passing an exam or finishing your ironing. We are going to display and share our achievements on our good news tree in the children’s cloakroom.

Jul 072014

Glen Family Centre have been awarded Sun Safe Nursery Status
for implementing the Sun Safe Nursery policy and teaching by:

  • Informing parents/guardians of the scheme and the importance of providing sun hats and sunscreen
  • Providing parents/guardians sun safety information whilst advising on the importance of role modelling
  • Ensuring all nursery staff act as Sun Safe role models
  • Ensuring children are taught the basic elements of Sun Safety, with messages regularly reinforced

Glen Family Centre recognise that together we have a duty of care to ensure that our children
grow up with sufficient knowledge of sun safety and that our children are, as far
as possible, protected against the sun’s harmful rays whilst in our care.