What do I need to do before my child can be given medication at Glen Family Centre?

  • You must complete a separate ‘Administration of Medicine’ form for each medicine your child needs.
  • You must have given your child the first dose of any new medication.
  • You must inform us of the time the child last received a dose of each medication.
  • You must NOT alter the dispensing label in any way.
  • If the child’s doctor alters the dosage of a medication you need to provide medication with a dispensing label which matches the new dose or a letter from the doctor confirming the new dose on headed paper.

Think about the following checklist before handing medication into the Centre-

  1. Has the medication been prescribed by your GP/family doctor or hospital?
  2. Is the dispensing label on the medication you are handing in to the Centre?
  • If the chemist label is on the box and not on the bottle/packet/syringe inside, we need the box with the label on it to be handed in.
  1. Is your child’s name on the dispensing label?
  2. Is the dosage on the dispensing label?
  3. Are there clear, explicit instructions on the label?
  • Please note we CANNOT give medication that states ‘as directed’ unless there is a written action plan included which has been endorsed by a doctor with the exception of inhalers for asthmatics.
  1. If your child is asthmatic and requires an inhaler ‘as directed’, have you completed a ‘symptoms’ form before giving the medication to the Centre?
  2. Is the medicine information sheet included with the medication?
  • If you need to have this sheet at home we will be happy to photocopy it to ensure we have a copy in the Centre also.
  1. Have you checked the expiry date of the medication and are sure it is ‘in date’?
  2. Have you given your child the first dose of this medication?If you have answered NO to any of the questions above we will not be able to give your child the medication. We understand this may seem a lot to ask; however we are governed by external guidance and need to ensure children’s health and safety at all times. It may be a good idea to think about the questions above when you are handing your prescription to the pharmacist and tell them what you need.Please speak to a member of the Management Team if you have any questions or concerns.

Below are copies of the forms for you to print:

Administration of Medication

Symptoms Form

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