Specialist Diets

Please find below a copy of the Halal menu and some information from the catering team.

If your child requires a special diet for medical reasons, you should obtain a Medically prescribed diet registration form, from the school office and send with an accompanying letter from a medical practitioner or dietitian confirming the specific details of the diagnosis to your school office.  Once the form has been received you will be contacted by one of the catering team to discuss your child’s dietary needs and outline the process ensuring a suitable meal is provided.

For pupils wishing to access the Halal menu then a Cultural diet request form should be completed and for any pupils wishing to access the Vegan or Vegetarian menu then a Lifestyle request form should be completed, both forms are available from the school office.

Please note that it is your responsibility to inform the catering team about changes to your child/s dietary needs.

Nicky Joiner

Catering Coordinator

Education Facilities Management

Halal Menu