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Fairtrade Breakfast for Primary 6 and 7


On Friday 3rd March, pupils in P6 and P7 are invited to a fairtrade breakfast.  Pupils can bring their pyjamas to school and the Fairtrade committee will prepare and serve a delicous Fairtrade breakfast.

Pupils wishing to go to the breakfast should bring a donation of £1 to school with them on Wednesday or Thursday.

Please note this is for P6 and P7 pupils only.  There will be Fairtrade activities for younger pupils later in the school year.

Royal Mail Young Letter Writer 2015

Thank you to the pupils for their competition entries.

We have received confirmation from Royal Mail that the entries have been accepted.  They have received nearly 100,000 letters!  The judging process has started in earnest and every letter will now be read by our team of judges. 120 finalists will be selected, then the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, including TV presenter Helen Skelton.

It will take about two months for the judges to read through all the letters and select the 120 finalists.  We will be notified around the end of January if any of our entries is a finalist or a winner.

The Big Bang!

Pupils in P5,6,7 will be performing the the Scottish Opera’s, “The Big Bang” on Wednesday afternoon at 2.15pm.  Parents of children in these classes are invited along to watch the performance. All the children have been very busy learning the songs and finding out about different forms of energy as part of the Science fortnight.The Big Bang Show! takes performers on a whistle-stop tour of the creation of the universe and explores the wonderful world of ENERGY. Three groups represent the different types of energy – wind, water and sun, fossil fuels and nuclear power. Each led by their own champions, they debate which is best, until Gaia (Mother Earth) points out that unless humans begin to take real reponsibilty for their use of fossil and nuclear powers, the Earth will die. She urges them to learn the lessons of natural powers while there is still time…