Parent Testimonials

Would you be able to write a testimonial for our new school handbook? 

Our school handbook is read by new, prospective families and we would like to include your voice!

Please find below a list of short questions to use as a prompt for any families wishing to contribute towards our Parent Testimonials this year!

Any testimonials should be submitted to Mr Swan ( by the end of Friday 11th June 2021. 


1. Name (not required)

2. Child Stage

3. Describe Onthank Primary School in 3 words.

4. How did Onthank Primary School support your child’s learning success during lockdown?

5. What are you most proud of at Onthank Primary School?

6. What does being part of our school community mean or look like for your family?

7. What makes Onthank Primary School ‘the best’?


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