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#OurOnthank Virtual Summer Assembly – Celebrate our ‘Best Bits’

As our school year comes to an end, we are excited to share our Pupil Council and RRS Ambassadors-led ‘Summer Assembly’ celebrating #OurOnthank2020 memories and highlights.

Why not sit with a cuppa and your family and tune in as we proudly remind ourselves, in true Onthank style, nothing stopped our full school community from uniting and creating learning and life experiences to cherish.

Thank you #OurOnthank and Happy Holidays!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Get in to Summer

There are multi sports clubs available for our pupils this summer!

Please find attached, posters for all activities running in the Kilmarnock area.  All booking links are contained in the posters with live links.

·Get Into Summer – Rugby and Football KM (4)

Gymnastics Summer of Sport (KM 2)

Football Camps Get Into Summer (5)

Kilmarnock Get Into Summer (5)

Ayrshire College Summer Programme (4)

This Week’s Star Pupil

This Week’s Star Pupils – W/C 14th  June 2021



Primary 1

1C – Calum -For wonderful, neat writing and a super, detailed picture too

1F – Ellie – successful learner & having a good year in P1

1M –Whole class (both in school and home schooling) star pupils this week for just being fab!

Joke of the week:
Why did the star go to the bathroom?
It had to twinkle ⭐️
Primary 2

2B – Jack – for always showing kindness

2K – Lachlan – for excellent answers at group time

2S – Olivia – excellent descriptive writing

2T – all of P2T – for their hard work this year and for being a super class


Primary 3

3H – Ava – super sun safety knowledge

3N.- Emily – for excellent participation in yoga.


Primary 4

4E – Rory – for showing a mature attitude in class

4K -Logan Williams – Super general Knowledge

  • Evie Baillie – for working her socks off
  • Derryn Cree – for working his socks off
  • Alex Ferguson – for working his socks off
  • Eabha Napier – for working her socks off
  • Maddison Neill – for working her socks off
  • Ella O’Neill – for working her socks off
  • Tyler Phillips – for working his socks off
  • Lyle Simpson – for working his socks off
  • Sonny Robertson – for working his socks off
  • Stan Robertson – for working his socks off
  • Charlotte Stirrat – for working her socks off
  • Khayri Laghzal – for working his socks off
  • Darcy Green – for working her socks off
  • Aidynn Davidson – for working his socks off
  • Kaden MacKillop – for working his socks off
  • Mylie Boyd – for working her socks off
  • Liam Brogan – for working his socks off

4M -Ruari  – For working well in maths to complete his multiplication calculations.

Hannah J – For working well in maths to complete her short division with remainders.


Primary 5

5CA – Full class P5CA  – wonderful class to teach all year.

5K –   Violet – for being a great classmate all year and making me smile every day!

          Jack – for showing a determined attitude to succeed in P5! Well done.
5M – Lily – for making great progress on her maths and reading.


Primary 6

6A – Kal – for fantastic football knowledge

6F – Rudy – Showing Excellent Maths Skills


Primary 7

7H – Lyle – for having a hardworking attitude and great team working skills

7M – Frankie – Writing Super Sentences

7Mc – Niamh – showing a good understanding at identifying prime numbers

           Aaron – working very hard to identify what makes a prime number




This Week’s Star Pupils

This Week’s Star Pupils – W/C 7th  June 2021



Primary 1

1A -Cara – for building her confidence to have a go independently.

Byron – for writing super sentences independently.

1C – Jake  -for terrific teamwork

1F – Emily – Successful learner

1M –  Elise – for supporting others with an active literacy task.

Joke of the week
How do you throw a party on Mars?
You planet…🌍

Primary 2

2B – Enzo – for working really hard in all his literacy lessons

2K – Noah – for great homework and work in class

2S – Emma – Excellent instructional writing

2T – Emily – Fantastic effort in music


Primary 3

3H – Logan – Super sentences


Primary 4

4E – Georgie – for a fantastic Welsh flag drawing

4K – Cameron & Lewis – Fantastic BBC Newsreaders

4M – Sarah and Megan – for working well in maths and completing their work on fractions


Primary 5

5K – All of 5K for performing super drama linked to ‘Gossip’

5M – Evan, Katie & Kyle – excellent work in the classroom and in the playground


Primary 6

6F – Oliver – Scoring 100% on his maths assessment

6M – Alex – setting and beating his own targets in PE


Primary 7

7Mc – Lexi Mackie for demonstrating good understanding of calculating probability.


Deputy Head Teacher’s Award

Millie 6F – for showing respect


This Week’s Star Pupils W/C 31st May

This Week’s Star Pupils – W/C 24th May


Primary 1

1A – Cara – fabulous writing

1F – Taylan – for being a successful learner

1M – Joan – for perseverance with a maths task. Well done!

Joke of the week:
What do you call a policeman who flies?
A heli-cooper!

Primary 2

2B – Liam – for trying really hard

2K – Cody – for being helpful in class and a super Star of the Day!

2S – Cara – for being mature and responsible

2T – Alfie – excellent control in PE with his bat and ball skills


Primary 3

3H – Dylan – for super sums


Primary 4

4E – all of p4E for super online learning

4K – Whole class – Fantastic Home Learners


Primary 5

5C – John – being a responsible citizen

All of 5C – for being well behaved, mannerly and good workers for Mrs Smith

5K – Erin – Producing lovely art work throughout P5

5K – Lily – putting lots of effort into school & the gardening club


Primary 6

6A – Kesli-Leigh – fantastic improvement in maths

6F – Millie – Being Brave

6M – Kye – Marvellous maths work this week


Primary 7

7Mc – Ellie – for always giving 100% in every area of the curriculum



Deputy Head Teacher’s Award

P4-P7 Digital Leaders – for videoing the Sports Day

Parent Testimonials

Would you be able to write a testimonial for our new school handbook? 

Our school handbook is read by new, prospective families and we would like to include your voice!

Please find below a list of short questions to use as a prompt for any families wishing to contribute towards our Parent Testimonials this year!

Any testimonials should be submitted to Mr Swan ( by the end of Friday 11th June 2021. 


1. Name (not required)

2. Child Stage

3. Describe Onthank Primary School in 3 words.

4. How did Onthank Primary School support your child’s learning success during lockdown?

5. What are you most proud of at Onthank Primary School?

6. What does being part of our school community mean or look like for your family?

7. What makes Onthank Primary School ‘the best’?


Sports events!


Each stage recently held their own sports events.  Pupils had a great time and showed great sportsmanship throughout.  We missed having our community there to cheer us on this year but fear not – our digital leaders were on hand to capture all of the events.  We have made a video for you to catch up on the action – enjoy!

Who will be the winning house??

Dance & Drama After School Activities – “A Wee Pause” – Please Read

Dear Families,
We hope you’ve shared a happy, safe weekend.
Please be advised, unfortunately all Dance and Drama and P7 Dance Fest after school classes will NOT run this week.
Classes will run from 14th – 18th June as normal for the final session of the term.
P6 Dance Fest will run as normal this week Tuesday 8th June with Miss Howat.
All Sport activities will also run as normal. 
We thank you for you support and understanding at this time and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Have a great week ahead!
Mr Swan