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Hello everyone! Yesterday was another scorcher. I am looking forward to seeing your Onthank’s Virtual Sports Day Videos. Remember each video you post will earn YOUR HOUSE some team points.

**You have all week to complete the Sports Day tasks.**

Numeracy: Reading Time on Clocks

We will carry on the theme of Time this week. Can you remember we revisited O ‘Clock Times and we introduced Half Past? Watch this video to help refresh your memory!

Task: Answer these questions. You can write your answers or tell your homework buddy !

           1) How many numbers are there on a clock face?

           2) What does the short hand represent?

           3) What does the long hand represent?

           4) When it is o’clock, on which number, is the minute hand always placed?

           5) When it is half past, on which number, is the minute hand always placed?

           6) What time does primary school start in Scotland?

           7) What time does lunch start at Onthank Primary School?

           8) What time does primary school finish in Scotland?

           9) How long do we spend in primary school each day ?

           10) What time do you usually have your tea at?

Challenge : Draw your own clock using chalk, pens or crayons?

                         Record the time you go to bed on your clock!

LITERACY : wh and ph

We have learned about these joined phonemes and they were quite tricky!

Task: Can you read these words:

whisper     phone     elephant     whine    while      alphabet     when     phonics     whirl

dolphin      sphere    whoosh       why        photo     phonics       what      phoneme  wheel


Pick 2 “wh” words an 2 “ph” words and write a sentence with them.

e.g. My wheel on my bike goes round and round.

       The elephant was drinking water from the water pool.

Health and Wellbeing:  Sun Safety

Listen to this song and think about the message it sends!


Design a Sun Safety Poster that can be put up to educate any visitors to your garden on how to keep safe on sunny days. You might want to include:



Slogan (a wee phrase that is catchy and people will remember) e.g. Sun is Fun But It Burns!


Good Luck with all of the tasks and I look forward to seeing your work online!

Mrs Saxelby and Team P2 xxxx



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